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 99/1 Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

TAXI FROM BKK Airport to the Emerald Hotel:

When you first arrive in Bangkok and exit customs, you may be approached by men and women right and left asking if you need a taxi. Ignore all the touts waiting in the Arrival area.  Just remember you don’t need ANYONE to help you get a taxi, anyone trying to help is best ignored.

  • You’ll be on level 2 when exiting customs, so NOW HEAD DOWN ONE FLOOR to LEVEL ONE, then walk outside to the taxi desk (kerbside).
  • There may be a line (don’t worry, it moves quickly) and a sign that leads to a table with a person waiting to help. Tell him or her that you would like to go to the Emerald Hotel, they will give you a small piece of paper with your destination written on it.
  • Take the paper to the line of drivers and hand it over. It will be exchanged for another slip of paper with all the specific details, of YOUR Taxi and an explanation of the 50฿ airport fee (which you will add on to the fare at journey’s end). The driver may ask to check the paper to confirm (in his own mind) your destination. Show him but don’t hand it over… hold on to it. ( see below)
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  • KEEP this slip of paper, in case of any difficulties like property left in the taxi, or any other issue that may arise… It identifies the specific taxi and driver.
  • Taxis come in ALL colors.
  • Once your bags are loaded in the car, make sure the meter starts (if not, a simple gesture like pointing to the meter will do), and you’ll be on your way. Also make sure that if you have to point to the meter to get it started, it doesn’t get set to a high “flat rate” mode with a very over inflated amount. Just point to the meter and say TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK. If not get out. A taxi to the Emerald Hotel from the airport should be around 350 Baht before tolls. Not 750 like some try to get. see below)
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  • In the unlikely event that the driver wants to start negotiating a flat fare, point to the meter, and say meter please.
  • If he insists, get out of the taxi and get another one.

Be aware that you will be responsible for paying any tolls in addition to the meter fare, and it’s between you and the driver to decide if you’ll just pay at the end or if the driver wants you to pay at each toll booth. (Two tolls between the Airport and the City total 75฿). The amount will be printed on a little ticket that the driver collects at each stop and the price at the toll booth is clearly shown on an illuminated board. There is also a 50฿ Airport tax which every taxi from the arrivals area must pay ( i.e. You must add it to the final meter reading plus any tolls if you didn’t pay them as you go – see below).

Tolls from BKK to downtown since Sep 2013
Try to be prepared by having some small bills to pay the fare. The toll booths are a great place to break down larger notes if you failed to take care of it at the airport. When exchanging cash at the Airport be sure to ask for some smaller denominations (get yourself some THB100’s 50’s and 20’s). It’s also useful to have small bills for little tips at the hotel ect. The taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped, but if it’s been a safe drive it’s quite ok to round up the fare e.g. 382฿ total fare could be rounded up to 400฿ at the end of the journey.