Submission Guidelines for Full Papers/Extended Abstracts


  1. All manuscripts must be prepared in English and free of grammatical, spelling and/or punctuation errors. Please make sure your paper is thoroughly edited and proof read before submission.
  2. The length of the final paper must be 10 or fewer pages for stand up presentations and 3 or fewer pages for poster presentations, single spaced, Times New Roman font size 10, including tables, figures and references. For authors outside North America, make sure your paper is set at 8 ½” x 11” letter-size and NOT the A-4 size.
  3. Specification:
    • Prepare your paper using Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 or higher only.
    • Set the page margins exactly as follows: top and bottom .8 inch, and right and left 1 inch.
    • Do not indent the first sentence of each paragraph.
    • Align text left.
    • Single spaced within each paragraph but double spaced between paragraphs. Do not number the pages but make sure the pages are in the correct order. Pages will be numbered by the editor.
    • Use “Times New Roman” font size 10.
    • If the paper does not follow these specifications, it will be returned and will not be included in the proceedings!
  4. All manuscripts must be accompanied by a short abstract of no more than 100 words and a list of no more than six key words, which define the subject matter. (See sample for the locations of the abstract and key words on the next page.)
  5. The file must be created by Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 or higher and the format of the paper has to follow the guidelines provided above. Please use your abstract number as the file name, e.g. if the abstract # is 0001, save the file as 0001.doc.
  6. For other details, please see the SAMPLE FORMAT below.

Sample Format Word

Sample Format PDF